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I've been working alongside women in their motherhood season for almost 8 years.
After meandering through doula and childbirth education work, I reconnected with my true passions of nutrition, herbalism, and photography.

I support women online with nutritional and herbal programs for preconception, pregnancy and mothering.

If you are in the wider ACT area I can support you in person though your postpartum. This includes prepared meals, nutritive herbal preparations, birth debriefing, babywearing support, safe cosleeping information, breastfeeding support and photography.

I am mother to three rambunctious kiddos
Liam, Eden and Elspeth.
ow c w wrk tothr?


Whatever stage of motherhood you're in, I can support you.

I offer simplified nutrition education, tried and tested herbal preparations and woman centered support.



Slow crafted using ancestral methods.

Essential oil free.

No standardised extracts.

Whole plant derived.

Medicine your body remembers.

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I created Kith & Kindred for the love of family. Nothing is more precious than our kith and kin, so coorie in and celebrate your love with heartfelt images.

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