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Th Bloomn Wmbyn

Are you seeking solutions to commonly diagnosed pregnancy complications?

Do you want to take control of your

health during your pregnancy?

Learn the ins and outs of human nutrition and how you can optimise your birth with food.

Are you feeling anxious/confused about

all the conflicting dietary advice out there?


Through our sessions together we will discuss a range of topics relevant to your nutrition and health during pregnancy.

From building a foundational knowledge of nutrition requirements in pregnancy, to exploring things like restrictive diets and how they can be harmful. Understanding where our food comes from and why the quality matters. Supplements and when we may need to use them. Why do we care about our microbiome?As well as anything else that comes up for you.



Your Blooming Wombyn Program includes:

- 6x 1 hour face to face sessions.

- 15% discount in the Wild Wombyn Apothecary.

- A nourishing herbal electuary.

- Nutrient dense recipes for breakfast,

lunch and dinner.


Payment plans available upon application.

Image by Jonathan Borba