About Nelle

I'm mother to 3 children, Liam, Eden + Elspeth.
I'm half Scottish and half Croatian living in Australia. My herbal practice is rooted in both Celtic and Balkan tradition.

My childhood didn't leave much room for creative pursuits and I always thought of myself as 'not artistic'. It wasn't until I birthed my children that I allowed myself the title creatress.

I am content in the understanding that 'art' doesn't need to be defined by technicalities. Art can be herbs in the hands of a mother, or being wooed by the way the sunlight turns the dust in your home to glitter.

LIKES: reading fantasy novels, foraging, learning Scottish Gaelic, making photographs, Ghillie & Hector - my affectionate Scottish Deer-hounds, cameras older than I am, lychees.

DISLIKES: spiders, hypnic jerks, Star Wars, anti-intellectualism, soup spoons.